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A Jungle journey to national parks is a memorable trip in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has gained a great reputation for tourism. Located between two oceans and two continents Costa Rica is set apart by its intense biodiversity on display within its borders and preserve these natural wonders. Jam-packed with tourist sites especially Jungle journey, Costa Rica is arguably one of the most visited cities around the globe.  ...


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6 Best Activities in Monteverde for a Fun-filled Costa Rica Vacation

Monteverde is a renowned sightseeing destination and enjoys a great popularity in Costa Rica tourism. It is the home to a great array of cloud forests with overflowing numbers of flora and fauna species. The zip lines and suspension bridges you will find in Monteverde are the longest enough to ensure the optimal exhilaration around …


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Take Advantage of Convenient Car Rental in Costa Rica

Coming to Costa Rica for the first time? Like every traveller, you might be thinking how to get around Costa Rica. When it comes to ground transportation, rental cars are the quite common alternative. They often provide convenient transportation option to travellers.   Thinking about car rental in Costa Rica? But not sure whether to ...


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Top 5 Popular Tours and Activities in Monteverde, Costa Rica

The Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest boasts of magnificent nature and landscape, which is a home to an incredible array of exotic animals, birds, and plants. It is believed that no trip to Costa Rica is complete without visiting the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. There are many exciting tours and activities in Monteverde to ...


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Top 4 Hotels In Costa Rica To Choose From For Your Upcoming Vacation

Just a few hours of flight from many U.S. cities, Costa Rica has turned out to be the go-to destination for a lot of tourists. Whether you are looking to be cuddled by the beach or zip line through the lush rainforest. There is a suitable hotels in Costa Rica eager to cater your needs ...


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Experience Honeymoon Bliss in Magical Costa Rica

You’ve got your special person of your dreams! You’ve planned your wedding at the best. But what about your honeymoon? Where do you head for your honeymoon? Donot think much!!   Let us help you out. Nothing can beat romance, the intimacy of enchanting Costa Rica Island. Searching for an Intimate Inn, romantic beachfront, Tropical ...


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What are the Activities in Arenal to do in on a Wonderful Vacation?

The Arenal Volcano is an andesitic strato-volcano that is located in the north-western Costa Rica. All those traveling to Costa Rica for enjoying a wonderful vacation should make a visit to witness one of the active volcanoes- the Arenal Volcano. This place is one of the most scenic and accessible areas in Costa Rica where ...


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Places to Stay in Costa Rica – Uncover Costa Rica Wonders with Arenal Hotels

Want to uncover Costa Rica wonders? It’s time to explore spectacular sightings you love in Costa Rica. But what about your accommodation? Looking luxury places to stay in Costa Rica?   Want to live lavishly at an all-inclusive resort? Or stay relaxed in the scenic landscape of the tropical paradise? Let us help you out ...


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Take the Plunge on Adventure Tours in Costa Rica

Want to fly through the air in the rainforest? Hear the whizzing sound of zip-line cable above your head? See the flashes of the jungle up close to your eyes? This is your adventure tours all about.   The thrilling experiences you should take adventure tours in Costa Rica - a beautiful Central American country. ...


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Travel Packages to Costa Rica for Dreamlike Holiday Experience

Seeking for an unforgettable adventure? Getting bored of visiting same beaches all the time? And want to try something new? Why don’t you take a Costa Rica trip?   If you’re lucky enough, take the chance to enjoy both the Pacific and Caribbean Coast at Costa Rica. Apart from this, there’s lot more to do. ...


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5 Costa Rica Honeymoon Destinations For A Lovable Experience

Once your wedding is over, it’s time to start planning the honeymoon tour.  Sorry I am wrong. It must be done right from beginning. A honeymoon tour in a tropical destination is the best way to “seal the deal”. And what could be a better destination than Costa Rica to plan your honeymoon in?   ...


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Experience the Real Adventure in Costa Rica

Spectacular lush green forests, picturesque hammock-lined beaches, peaceful natural hot springs, and incredible volcanic views unlike anywhere else around the world - it’s not that difficult to see why travelers have been flocking to the magnificent oasis - Costa Rica. For many visitors, Costa Rica’s main draw is its pristine beaches, and focuses on “Pura ...


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Immerse in Tortuguero Sightseeing Wonders at Hotel Laguna Lodge

Accessible only by water and air, Tortuguero - the bustling village blessed with strong Afro-Caribbean roots, is a well-known destination for attracting huge hordes of sea turtles and the hordes of travel enthusiasts who want to see them. However, the name “Tortuguero” means the “Turtle Catcher”.   If you are on a vacation to Costa ...


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Top 2 Places To Stay In Costa Rica For A Memorable Vacation

Costa Rica has magnificent waterfalls, volcanoes, sloths, and not to say an incredible range of resorts and hotels to ensure a memorable vacation. Whether you wish to live sumptuously at an all-inclusive Costarican resort or just want to rough it in the picturesque landscape of the tropical haven, there’re accommodations to match every traveler’s taste ...


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Top 5 Things To Do In Costa Rica This Holiday Season

For a nation 1/3 the size of England, Costa Rica no doubt packs in a lot of variety. From active volcanoes & never-ending beaches to rainforests and amazing wildlife, Costa Rica has everything for travel enthusiasts from all over the world. And when it comes to things to do in Costa Rica the options are ...



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