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Costa Rica Driving Tips For A Safe Riding Experience

Driving in Costa Rica isn’t so similar to driving in the UK, so it is essential to understand some road rules prior to you start looking for an affordable car rental in Costa Rica. Here Tour Operators Costa Rica has explained a guide with some helpful driving tips for all of its clients.   Driving ...


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Booking Your Next Vacation in Costa Rica

Are you inspired by Costa Rican paradise? When you visit, you’ll definitely fall in love with this haven as it defines the serene beauty of the scenic nature. With two beautiful coastlines, lush jungle, a wide array of wildlife, and a plenty of unique activities to keep you in awe, this Central American country should ...


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5 Reasons to Book Costa Rica Tour Packages for Next Getaway

Just imagine bright blue beaches with fine sand, vast stretches of forests and jungle, active volcanoes, the abundance of wildlife, and a country with rich exotic fruits. When you think of Costa Rica, you’ll envision a range of inviting and relaxing activities, adventure sports, and warm, cheerful people.   In Costa Rica, you can be ...


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Spanish Magazine Condé Nast Honors Costa Rica as Best International Destination 2018

Tour Operators CR team is proud to announce that Costa Rica has been awarded as “International Destination 2018” by the prestigious tourism Spanish Magazine Condé Nast Traveler Spain.   The prestigious Spanish magazine Condé Nast Traveler Spain founded almost 20 years ago is the gold standard for the Spanish travelers today. It highlights the visual ...


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Top 3 Spots Your Costa Rica Honeymoon Package Must Feature

Costa Rica has turned out to be one of the hot favorite destinations for honeymooners in last few years- credits to the luxurious resorts & hotels, the well-known spas, the untouched coastlines and the splendid wildlife the country makes available to its guests.   The sheer charm of this tropical paradise is hard to resist ...


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Monteverde – A Wonder to Explore in Costa Rica

Once depending upon dairy farming for economic needs, Monteverde has become one of the most appreciated and visited places in Costa Rica. It can be considered as the complete package of Costa Rica offering adventure, recreation, stunning green landscapes and a unique nature experience.   Facts that make Monteverde an adventurous and exciting place for ...


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Costa Rica – Ultimate Choice of Adventurous Travel Freaks

Costa Rica is green, serene, wild and wondrous making it a popular travel destination in the Central America among people. Filled with a beautiful selection of flora and fauna this place is ideal for nature lovers as well. If an adventurous trip on your mind then Costa Rica is the ultimate choice for you! Whether ...


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Top 4 Activities In Guanacaste To Enjoy A Thrilling Outing In Costa Rica

Guanacaste, the territory encircling Nicaragua in the Pacific northwest of Costa Rica, has built-up wonderfully to accommodate the massive influx of tourists from all corners of the globe. Renowned for featuring some of the most exquisite beaches in the country & boasting plenty of exhilarating adventure activities, the region is ideal for all sorts of ...


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Top 3 Costa Rica Experiences That You Shouldn’t Miss Out

With remarkably varied landscapes, plenty of heart-pumping adventures and culture renowned for their relaxed vibe, Costa Rica offers the ideal outdoor playing ground for those looking to let loose their inner explorer. Although Costa Rica provides several unique activities, there’re a few typical experiences that confine the true spirit of the nation and deserves a ...


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5 Facts to Know about Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful holiday destination that boasts pristine outdoors, thrilling adventures, and scenic nature. Gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests, active volcanoes, and traditional villages are just some of the highlights of Costa Rica travel packages.   Whether you embark on beaches, jungle, hiking, or adventure sports, Costa Rica travel packages won’t disappoint you at ...


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Must-Do Activities On A Classic Costa Rica Tour

Every inch in Costa Rica is worth exploring, and if you are trying to decide how to spend your time here can be really overpowering. From mountains to beaches to volcanoes and national parks, there’re never-ending opportunities in Costa Rica for a memorable vacation. Here we have shortlisted 6 must-see attractions that a classic Costa ...


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Making Wonderful Experience on the Caribbean

From immersing in the beautiful mountain peaks, glittering reefs, to spectacular beaches, the Caribbean is dizzyingly diverse. For a wonderful Caribbean experience, you should start planning your next trip to Costa Rica and make the most out of it.   How Do You Make Memorable Caribbean Experience in Costa Rica?   Cahuita National Park – ...


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Costa Rica Family Vacation Packages for Fun-filled Experiences

The eight-year-old dreams may comprise of rainforest safaris, jungle adventures, waterfall excursions, etc.! But how do you have all the fun with your family? No wonder, Costa Rica is a spectacular playground that travelers of all ages can explore the spectacular delights like no other.   In fact, Costa Rica is an emerging competitor for ...


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Make the Most out of Costa Rica All-Inclusive Vacations

The memorable vacations are the ones that create long-lasting memories. The all-inclusive Costa Rica vacations offerings are second-to-none in terms of delivering unforgettable experiences.   Framed by two coastlines – Caribbean and Pacific, Costa Rica is rich in natural wonders. Glistening green jungles, massive and active volcanoes, magnificent wildlife species, lush coffee plantations, breathtaking beaches ...


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7 Best Hotels in Costa Rica to Plan Your Posh Getaway

Just a few hours flight from a handful number of U.S. cities, Costa Rica has become the go-to-destination of travelers from all around the world. Whether you want to be pampered by the beach lifestyle or zipline through the picturesque rainforest, Costa Rica guided tours can be the perfect pick for your travel desires.   ...



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