Enjoy the whitewater rafting on Rio Tenorio


Take a white water rafting adventure on the Tenorio River located in the heart of Guanacaste Province. Get a chance to navigate Class III and IV rapids of Tenorio River with your tour guide while indulging in the views of the spectacular surroundings and native wildlife species. The awe-inspiringly beautiful Tenorio River gives a gorgeous and pristine backdrop for adrenalin-junkies. On your white water rafting tour in Tenorio River, you will float down the amazing river while passing through Class III and IV white water rapids. All you need to do on your Tenorio River rafting adventure is to hold on tightly when you plunge through the cataracts. You will get an opportunity to immerse in the lush, forested scenery while coming across the smoother sections and spot tropical birds that are perched high in the trees. Our tour guide will be there throughout the adventure and help you know the right rafting angle onto the riverbank for a lunch of snacks, fruits, sandwiches and drinks. Book your white water rafting tour in Tenorio River now through Tour Operators CR and make the most out of our Class III and IV rapids in the best way as possible!

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