Activities in Monteverde – Experience Extreme Canopying in Monteverde Extremo


Love to take adventure activities in Monteverde? Monteverde boasts adventure-filled activities to partake in to appeal first-timers and experienced travel enthusiasts.

When it comes to activities in Monteverde, how about taking canopying in Monteverde Extremo Park! Don’t have any idea about a canopy tour? Let us help you out:

Taking a Canopy Tour Expedition on Vacation –

The “canopy tour” refers commonly to flying between the trees from platform to platform (or tree to tree) along suspended cables using special equipment and harnesses. Monteverde is blessed with a huge assortment of suspended bridges over and between the forest that you can walk on either on your own or with a guide.

Introducing the Monteverde Extremo Park –

The Monteverde Extremo Park contains the canopy with the longest cables in Costa Rica, allowing you to fly superman-style through the air. It has the highest and most adrenaline-pumping Tarzan swing throughout Monteverde and Costa Rica.

Offering opportunities to enjoy canopying, bungee, rappelling, and horseback riding, this park offers you the most intense and extreme experiences in Costa Rica. It’s perfect for the adventure-bound, those are seeking high-adrenaline experience. Remember, the activities in Monteverde are not for the faint of heart.

The Highlights of Monteverde Extremo Canopy Tour –

Expanding over 2.8 kilometers, canopying in Monteverde Extremo Park offers 6 short hikes to enjoy the scenic surroundings, cloud forest, pasture lands, and the spectacular views of the Gulf of Nicoya at a leisurely pace.

The main aspect of Extremo is the positioning pattern while zip-lining. You will need to wear a helmet, the popular Petzel brand harness and specially reinforced leather gloves.

Once hanging on the cables, proper position includes a sitting position with knees up and ankles crossed, head tilted to one side for clear visibility, dominant hand behind and on the top of the table with an open palm and a weak hand grasped around the straps between the harness and cable.

When you’ve your dominant hand directly on the cable, you’ll be able to stabilize balance while pulling down acts as your break.

Rest assured that, you’ll get guidance from guides at Monteverde Extremo Park. They are very personable, experienced, well-trained, and bilingual professionals.

Though there are no lockers available for personal belongings, it’s highly recommended to bring only those items you can keep, well-secured in zippered pockets or on straps.

Final Consideration –

Are you excited to book your Monteverde? What are you waiting for? It’s time to browse the available activities in Monteverde at Tour Operators CR and experience the extreme in adventure and adrenalin-pumping opportunities at the best.

Tour Operators CR offers a huge assortment of activities in Monteverde including Monteverde Extremo packages to make the most out of your vacation. Rest assured that, you’ll have wonderful vacation experience to cherish forever.

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