5 Facts to Know about Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a beautiful holiday destination that boasts pristine outdoors, thrilling adventures, and scenic nature. Gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests, active volcanoes, and traditional villages are just some of the highlights of Costa Rica travel packages.

Whether you embark on beaches, jungle, hiking, or adventure sports, Costa Rica travel packages won’t disappoint you at all. You’ll find what you exactly desire, for in this small, yet perfectly formed Central American country.

From ziplining in Monteverdeto immersing in the white sand and verdant rainforest in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica has everything to entice you! Just you need to brush up on your Spanish and take out your hiking boots! There are a lot of things waiting for you in Costa Rica!

Before planning your Costa Rica travel packages, here are a few amazing facts you should know about:

  1. “Pura Vida” is the answer to everything in Costa Rica.

The famous slogan in Costa Rica – “Pura Vida” translates literally as “Pure Life”. But in reality, it’s a multi-purpose phrase. Phrases like “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “I am well”, “No problem” reflect the state of mind and way of life. You can expect to hear it often and always sincerely in Costa Rica!

  1. Costa Rica is the safest country in Central America.

From the late 1940s, Costa Rica has been enjoying a continuous democracy. Since the end of its civil war, it hasn’t had a standing army. Costa Rica takes always the top spot on the Global Peace Index in Central America and is within the top three peaceful countries in Latin America.

  1. Costa Rica has happiest people.

The Happy Planet Index suggests that Costa Ricans are the happiest people around the world. It’s also a good reason to pick travel packages in Costa Rica.

  1. Costa Rica has the highest biodiversity.

Costa Rica has around 5% of the biodiversity around the world. This might not seem appealing; but when you consider the small country covers only the 0.03% of world’s surface, it will be a big deal.

  1. Costa Rica has one-quarter of protected land.

Costa Rica’s main tourist draw is its wildlife as it has a lot of national parks to explore. However, around 25% of the country belongs to that category – which is more than any other country.


These are all about the interesting facts to know about Costa Rica. Are you convinced to take your next vacation to Costa Rica? Check out the available Costa Rica travel packages on Tour Operators CR to find the one best suiting your adventure preferences and requirements.

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