5 Best Reasons to Book Costa Rica Vacations


A couple of millennia ago, a Roman philosopher – Seneca said “Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind”. In fact, travel boosts, reinvigorates, and expanses not just our mind, but our senses, and bodies to the fullest. If you’re on a quest to maintain work-life balance, Costa Rica vacations are really hard to beat.

To help you plan your next Costa Rica getaway, here are a few unique reasons to visit – plus for a truly memorable time why don’t book yourself a luxurious stay and have one of the best Costa Rica vacations ever!

  1. The rich biodiversity – Costa Rica is a country that covers only a small fraction of the earth’s surface and is roughly around 6% of the whole planet’s biodiversity. Boasting the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, five enormous mountain ranges, rainforests, cloud forests, active volcanoes, the geographical location located right in the middle of North and South America is the home to colossal plant and animal diversity.

Don’t forget: In a small country like Costa Rica, you’ll get a chance to explore a smorgasbord of animal species. All you need is to keep your eyes open to spot snoozing sloths hanging from tree branches. Don’t miss to see clever monkeys darting around the tree tops, and glitteringly colored toucans.

  1. The picturesque waterfalls – With the rugged terrain and the incredibly moist rainforests, Costa Rica takes you deep into the most beautiful waterfalls of Central America. Many of them can be accessed after a quick and easy hike through the jungle while other need a bit more patience to reach. Either way, most of them are worthwhile for Costa Rica vacations.

Don’t forget: La Paz Waterfall is located in central Costa Rica for its picture-perfect paradise in the jungle whereas La Fortuna waterfall, situated near the Arenal volcano offers swimming opportunities.

  1. The surfing – Whether you’re a beginner or a seasonal professional, Costa Rica is a surfing haven that has a wave for you. You’ll find perfect surfing spots on both coastlines along with plentiful surf shops offering rentals and lessons. If you prefer, simply laid back spot on the beach to watch other riders enjoying the swells.

Don’t forget: Along the northern Pacific coastline, head straight to Playa Tamarindo where you’ll get to enjoy a long, first-timer friendly white sand surf beach. Though this beach remains busy, you can escape from tourists at less popular places like Playa Avellanas – known as the “Little Hawaii” for its huge offshore waves.

  1. The rainforest – If you’re truly inspired by nature, there’s no better place to embark on a trip than the thriving rainforests of Costa Rica. Approximately, a quarter of the country’s land mass is protected by national parks and wildlife refuges. It’s one of the best places on the planet for hiking through pristine wilderness.

Don’t forget: There are handful arrays of national parks with perfectly-marked trails throughout Costa Rica. Some of the most popular spots include Cahuita National Park located just north of the beach bum town, Puerto Viejo, Corcovado National park in southwestern Costa Rica, and Tortuguero National park on the northern Caribbean coast.

  1. The volcanoes – Costa Rica is home to some of the most active volcanoes around the world. They play a key role in shaping up the country’s landscape. Over the millions of years, the eruptions have greatly helped in creating soil that is rich in minerals. No doubt, it’s one of the key reasons that country is so biologically diverse. Now, you can discover many of the appealing natural landmarks.

Don’t forget: Arenal volcano is one of the most visited volcanoes in Costa Rica. With an impressing height reaching over 1600 meters and a lush green landscape, this volcano is really beautiful to see in person. However, it’s a popular spot for tourists. So if you’re looking for some alternate yet impressive site, head on over to Poas volcanoes.

Final Consideration

Planning for Costa Rica vacation? If you’re planning to make an unforgettable experience, contact Tour Operators CR to handle the planning effortlessly. Let us help you create wonderful vacation one-of-its-kind to treasure forever. For more information, please visit our website at https://tours.co.cr/.

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